Sport is about competition. It gives our young people the opportunity to test their metal against their peers. It gives them the opportunity to ask and answer the ultimate question, “Do I have what it takes?” Our young men and women will be taught that Strength is something that comes from within. It is not something that is given or achieved. It is something with which they were born. Our job as coaches and parents is to call it forth, and to give them a forum to exercise it.

The desire to succeed is a key component in Soccer. Our kids will be taught that winning is less important than how we conduct ourselves. We will ultimately be judged as young men and women, and as a team, not by our wins and losses, but by our conduct. We will always play by the rules. We will treat players, coaches and officials with respect at all times. We will treat our teammates, and opponents with honesty, fairness and integrity.

Our young men and women will be taught that a person’s value has little to do with what they can contribute, that all people should act, and will be treated with equality, regardless of differences in race, creed or color. No one person can successfully play the game without the help of others. Every single member is valuable to the team.