Mobile United FC

Mobile United was founded by a group of parents with a desire to give their children the opportunity to pursue their love for the sport to the fullest, without spending their college fund in doing so. In the U.S. (particularly in the South) it is extremely difficult to find a system, which meets this need.

It is popular, in America today, to have a system of sport, which allows for equality in all things. This sounds great, right? How could equality be a bad thing? This concept is taken to the extreme in some cases where scores are not tallied, and there is no distinction between winning and losing. None of us questions the validity of such a system in small children who do not know enough about their likes and dislikes to choose a sport they love. However, our kids have chosen the sport of Soccer as something that brings them joy and satisfaction. They have chosen to focus their time and effort to perfect this craft, not because we as parents have convinced them to do so, but because they desire it. You might say they love it.

It is our desire to honor their commitment, by placing them in a system that rewards their effort- by allowing them to compete at a higher level. The lessons learned in sport, can be some of the most valuable lessons a young person can take with them into the world. We recognize how weighty a responsibility this is for us as coaches and leaders. As a result, it is our desire to create an environment, which reinforces the core values, detailed above, fortifies a love of the game of soccer, and produces premier athletes that are known as much for their constitution as they are for their skill.

By encouraging our children to become a part of this system, we are saying to them, “You have a gift, I see it in you, and I am encouraging you to refine and polish it.” They will be both honored, and challenged by your recognition. We will then give them the opportunity to commit to something larger than themselves, and honor that commitment. In so doing, we are giving them the opportunity to learn a lesson they will never forget, and to become a part of a brotherhood that will (if they choose) see them into adulthood.

It is our sincere hope that this system, will serve to enrich your child’s life, as well as their experience in and love of the sport, regardless of his/her current skill level. For additional information about the Club Soccer System and Philosophy, please visit